Inspired by the recent turn of events in my life and a rather illuminative video on Facebook, I came up with a wonderful analogy this morning.

I believe my life is weaved into strings of Happiness and Sadness in a balanced form and when there occurs an imbalance in these two, the strings part ways to give way to rays of Wisdom, when life is about to teach me a new lesson.
One such occurrence happened a few days ago. There have been a few people in my life, with who I share a love-hate relationship. I can never be too sure about my views about them as they keep waxing and waning like the moon, depending on their behavior with me over time.

Man is a social creature and the feeling of loneliness can drive him mad. Yet the western and modern world sanctions individuality. Individuals measure personal achievements such as having a career, wealth, a self-image and consumerism. In this course of action, many people lose their social and familial connection in favour of a self-actualization ideal. Thus this analogy shall help them realize their social status and help in upholding the well-being of their mind.

The analogy goes like this:

We all have that set of people in our life, who, we know, are extremely formidable. We cannot aptly decipher our views about them because of their sporadic behavior. Thus we shall use them like we use a knife. Not so that we are saved some cuts from their sharp edge, but so that we can use that sharp edge to shape our life the way we want it. We do not get too close, yet we stay in touch, close enough to learn from them, to help them help us.

This analogy may sound absurd, even selfish, but we have to realize that in a world that we live today, the only person who can help you live and not merely survive is you, yourself. No one is going to care about what you do, where you are, what state you are in, unless you care that much for yourself. Be good, do good, yes, but not at the cost of hurting yourself. Take up the responsibility of recognizing the “knives” in your life. Use them to cut your fruits and give them enough credit for it. Yet, never trust them too much, as the knife which cuts you fries may one day cut your finger.

Take the courage to accept the above fact and try complying with the above analogy. Life will surely get simpler. After all, courage is not the Oak tree that you climb once and show; it is the young flower that blooms under heavy snow.